For all your insurance needs please get with our partners at CS&A Insurance.
CS&A Insurance combines one of the most knowledgeable teams of aircraft insurance professionals with the aviation insurance industry’s most respected underwriting companies.

At CS&A, we can handle all your aviation insurance needs, including Aircraft Insurance, Airport Liability, and Property coverage, Pilot Life Insurance, Helicopter Insurance, Corporate Aircraft, Private Aircraft, Regional Airlines, Repair Facilities, FBO Insurance, Aircraft Dealers and Brokers, Charter Companies, Aviation Workers Compensation and more.       

Our aviation insurance specialists and support staff will provide you with superior customer service and the best insurance policies available.
For more information call Paul Maynard at (954) 649-4999 or email the following forms to him at [email protected] (See Form)
If you are leasing and looking for Non-owned aircraft insurance please go to to apply online.


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We offer a variety of top line aircraft.

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