Aircraft Management
Aircraft Management

Legendary aircraft management services

Our private aircraft management team has the agility, responsiveness and personal attention of a private flight department refined over the past 15 years, with the resources of a large organization. Whether you own one aircraft or a fleet, a light single or a heavy twin. Fly a hundred hours annually or want to maximize leaseback revenue. We possess the experience and resources to ensure a legendary ownership experience.


Lower operating costs with Eye Candy Aviation

With one of America’s largest light fleets, you will benefit from enormous purchasing power and strong connections with global providers. Lower operating costs on fuel, parts, maintenance, insurance, training and handling. And should you desire, leaseback revenue returns to further reduce your ownership costs.

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Consistently higher leaseback revenue

A reputation earned over 15 years of serving leaders in business, sports and the arts, Eye Candy Aviation is the trusted aircraft management company that delivers higher, more consistent leaseback revenue to reduce your cost of private aircraft ownership.

  • Sales team with local knowledge and relationships to drive leaseback revenue
  • Loyal following earned through more than 15 years of service

Transparency through analytics

  • Our data-driven approach to private aircraft management regularly compares your operating parameters with fleet and industry markers to ensure your asset is well-maintained and optimized in the market.
    * Dedicated Financial Analyst providing insight and perspective
    * Segregated accounting in FDIC insured interest bearing account
    * Fuel consumption and optimization strategies
    * Higher leaseback returns with more profitable hours
    * Trend identification and proactive logistics management
    * Fleet management and purchasing recommendations
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Your private flight department

Enjoy a dedicated, personalized flight department, with a single point of contact for you and your team 24/7.

  • Backed by a team with global resources and relationships
  • Hundreds of experts in their field of expertise
  • Extensive knowledge of flight operations, finance, maintenance, avionics, procurement

Aircraft Management

  • Aircraft MX (to include but not limited to 50/100-hour inspections, annual inspections, and general maintenance)
  • Insurance
  • Logbooks
  • Admin of asset (updating GPS and other software)
  • Emergency Service (Can call us 24/7 to help in a pinch)
  • Instruction
  • Leaseback options to create revenue for the plane
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Aircraft maintenance management

As an industry-leading private aircraft management company, we provide round-the-clock AOG support, line maintenance, heavy inspection services, and coordination with third-party providers.

  • Higher dispatch reliability and less downtime
  • Mobile support teams to minimize downtown
  • Long-term relationships with aircraft manufacturers and independent maintenance providers
  • Authorized dealer for avionics and cabin entertainment manufacturers

Let us manage the details

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing more than 50 years’ worth of experience is working to protect your aircraft and enhance your ownership experience.

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